• 3-D Secure

    3-D Secure(三方域安全)是全球认可的验证解决方案,旨在让实时电子商务交易更加安全。

2 tablets with dollar sign on the screen and a watch with a dollar sign on its face.
10x seen through a magnifying glass.
Yellow shopping cart with blue wheels.
Woman about to click the buy now button on a giant mobile phone.

Blue circle with 3.5T written inside it.
Blue circle with 1.2B written inside it.
Blue circle with 62 percent written inside it.

Merchant storefront with blue and white striped awning.
Illustration of building façade.
Human figure with a blue credit card.

A finger poised to click the shopping cart button on a mobile phone.
Woman gives coffee to her coworker wearing headphones and sitting at his workstation.

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